Ng, George Pui Kiu
Starting his career as a cameraman in 1991, George Ng worked the way up to develop extensive experience and thorough skills in video/film production and media affairs in both Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and China throughout his years in CBC, Wharf Cable TV, RTHK, NBC Asia, Reuters Japan and CNN.

Career Highlights

1996      First TV director in Asia who brought Space Shuttle’s astronauts live to the Asia viewers from the moon for NBC Asia.


1997      Chief TV director for the coverage of 1997 Hong Kong Handover to China for NBC Asia.


1998      The first and the only TV director from Asia who had recruited by Reuters Japan to be in charge of the production of its
                 affiliated television Reuters Financial Television.


2001      One of the very few TV directors from Asia who had produced the daily morning broadcasts for CNN Asia.


Lee Chi Shun

20 years of industry experience in feature films and television commercial and had produced over hundreds of production projects all over the world, and which over 10 years was at a managerial level.


Career Highlights


1994      As one of the few production managers in the early nineties, Lee co-produced the very first French feature film in 
                 Hong Kong, “Guardian Angel” for Salon Film.


1996      Recruited by the United Filmmakers Organization (UFO) as Executive Production Manager, Lee significantly produced
                 a series of “New Wave of Hong Kong Films” and received massive hit to the motion film industry during that era.


2008      Appointed as the chief video producer for the gala event for Montblanc in Beijing, China, the first corporate event that
                 was ever held at the Beijing National Indoor Stadium after Olympics in 2008.


2009      His work, as an executive producer, of “The Story Of Shikumen” had won the Silver Award for Public Relations
                 category at New York Festival 2009.


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