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  • Kiyoshi Utsumi, Producer, AvexTrax (Japan)

      The professionalism of A+B has made us more opportunities to work together in the future 


  • McKinsey & Company (USA)

      We have had fantastic experience with A+B in the past 2 years, they have such a great can-do attitude and abilities to deliver excellent service/results, from a 150 conference in Bangkok to a senior client CEO workshop in Tokyo, they have never let us down.  As a professional service firm with very high standard, I view A+B as a long term partner to my practice. 


  • C&A -- Mario MariottoHaider, Producer, O2 Films (Brazil)

      I felt that you and your crew, did your best to improve and to give us all the best, you saw the final result!  We have a great cultural difference, but even that I think we did a great job, you have built a very good crew for us, and you and the local producer in Beijing made everything to open the doors of the locations for us.


  • Andrea Schneider, Producer, Steiner-Film GmbH (Germany)
      I would like to express my high gratitude and appreciation for the services rendered by A+B in Shanghai.  They had provided us with highly professional personnel, as our own team was not able to come to shoot in China.

Searching for a partner to capitalize on the massive opportunities in filming and video-shooting business in China? A+B Productions Limited offers comprehensive professional film and video production services to take care of every detail and aspect for your filming project, sparing the tediousness and ascertaining your filming trip in the country an efficient, exciting and enjoyable experience.

Based in Shanghai and Hong Kong, China, A+B Productions Limited was formed by veterans who have over 20 years of international exposure and local knowledge in the film and video industry. Spearheaded by highly creative, experienced and resourceful team and supported by prudent technical crew, the Company provides full range of services for filming, pre- and post-production and also technical support. Filming services include high-end TV commercials, promos, corporate films, event coverage and television programs while production arrangements covering location scouting, casting, shooting permits application, full camera, lighting and grip equipment rental, as well as post-production facilities.

Offering our clients total solutions in filming and video-shooting business in China is our unfailing commitment.
Delivering all this premium service at competitive rates is our unparalleled strength.
Our company welcomes all inquires we are available for an initial free consultation and cost estimate for your project. No project is either too large or too small.

A+B’s production team has over 20 years experience directing, producing and shooting world-class television commercials, television shows, executive interviews, event and training coverage. Our multilingual team handles everything from concept to postproduction. A+B also scouts locations and secure permits (something that is very tricky to handle in China), so that when production day arrives, you can hit the ground shooting.

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A+B has a proven track record of producing top-quality content in the most demanding circumstances. While producing the Japan pop superstar Ayumi Hamasaki’s MV in Shanghai, we managed a crew and talents of over 300, a scale of a feature film standard. We’re used to handling grueling schedules, solving logistical nightmares in high-pressure situations, yet always producing riveting content.

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